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Paul Mew Associates specialise in working on a broad range and scale of development proposals, from the inception stages of a project right up to planning permission, as well as helping with discharging planning conditions and S106/S278 Agreements.


We work with developers, architects, planning consultants, and local authorities to ensure that the transport aspects of new development is well planned, well designed, policy compliant, and ultimately acceptable to both client and planning authority.


Our experienced, technically skilled team of consultants is able to lead with initial pre-application discussions with highway authorities, produce highway feasibility plans, prepare a variety of technical documents for planning applications, and when necessary attend public consultations and Public Inquiries.


At the outset of any project, comprehensive research is carried out into the background of the scheme beginning with a carefully considered proposal in order to establish the exact needs and requirements of the client. A thorough approach at the outset leads to the realisation of projects within highly competitive budget margins and at affordable fee rates.


Our professional transport planning services include: 



The following are a more indepth look at our comprehensive range of services

Transport Assessments
Rush Hour

Transport Assessments

We prepare Transport Assessments and Transport Statements with reference to guidance prescribed by the Department for Transport, Transport for London, and local planning and highway authority published requirements as well as tailored to site-specific pre-application advice. We have vast experience working on all scales and types of development projects.

Our Transport Assessments and Transport Statements: assess and survey a site's transport and traffic conditions, consider existing or extant uses, consider proposed development uses, assess the development's transport and traffic impact, suggest mitigation measures if appropriate, and then assess the proposed development's integration with Development Plan Policies.


Travel Plans


We can offer a 'one-stop' Travel Plan service to our clients which includes preparing and gaining approval of Travel Plans as part of planning conditions or legal agreements, implementing Travel Plans once the development is brought into use as well as operating Travel Plans over the long term.


As part of this we advise clients at the design stage on the facilities and initiatives that should be built into development to help achieve the aims of the Travel Plan.

We have the capability and experience to assume the role of Travel Plan Coordinator for our clients, freeing them up to run their businesses and developments while we administer travel plan measures, carry out travel surveys required by travel plan guidance, and prepare Travel Plan Monitoring Reports for submission to local planning authorities.

Travel Plans
Delivery Service Plans

Delivery and Servicing Plans


We prepare Delivery and Servicing Plans to support planning applications or to discharge planning conditions for various commercial or mixed-use residential development proposals.

Our Delivery Servicing Plans incorporate emergency, delivery, service and refuse trips. The Delivery Servicing Plans audit on-street and off-street loading facilities using site visits and swept path analysis to assess acceptable servicing options and put forward measures such as consolidated deliveries and booking systems to reduce servicing impacts.

Construction Logistics Plans

Construction Logistics Plans


We prepare Construction Logistics Plans and Construction Traffic Management Plans to support planning applications or to discharge planning conditions for a range of development proposals.

Our Construction Logistics Plans and Construction Traffic Management Plans are prepared with reference to planning and highway authority published guidance, such as the London Borough of Waltham Forest, and occasionally site-specific pre-application advice. We prepare holistic reports in liaison with project engineers, architects, and contractors, and inclusive of the preparation of construction site plans and vehicle swept path diagrams where necessary.

We regularly produce Construction Logistics Plans in accordance with Transport for London's 'Construction Logistics Plan Guidance' which has been adapted by CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) for UK-wide implementation.  We also produce Construction Traffic Management Plans following the questionnaire format prescribed by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and the London Borough of Camden.


When needed we also carry out pre and post-construction Highways Condition Surveys for submission with our Construction Logistics Plans or for the discharge of a condition of planning permission.


Road Safety Audits


We assist with the preparation of all stages of Road Safety Audits for new highway schemes, highway improvement schemes, and for planning applications. 


We prepare formal audit briefs, and Designer’s Responses to any problems raised in the safety audits.

Road Safety Audits independently assess proposals to seek to minimise the number and severity of situations where road users are injured whilst on highways. Road Safety Audit reports are prepared with reference to 'GG 119 Road Safety Audit' of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges.

Road Safety Audits
Traffic & Parking Surveys

Traffic and Parking Surveys


We carry out a significant number of "Lambeth Methodology" parking surveys, parking stress surveys, and traffic surveys using an in-house team of surveyors and survey equipment.

Parking surveys and parking stress surveys are typically carried out to support planning applications or in relation to planning conditions or obligations. We carry out parking surveys and parking stress surveys for any use classes and in relation to all scales of development.


On-street parking surveys are usually carried out following the widely regarded "Lambeth Methodology" (Lambeth Council Parking Survey Guidance Note 2012) however other London Borough’s including Merton, Lewisham, Richmond, and Southwark have also developed standalone methodology documents which we follow.

We also carry out other types of traffic surveys including: manual classified counts, junction turn counts, manual speed surveys using radar speed meters, and Automatic Traffic Counter (ATC) surveys to establish vehicle volume, speed and classification.

Car park.jpg
Planning Appeals

Planning Appeals


We can assist appeal teams for Planning Appeals at all levels including Written Representations, Appeal Hearings, and Public Inquiries.

This typically involves attending conferences with Counsel, preparation of Appeal Statements or Proofs of Evidence, case rebuttal work, Statement of Common Ground work and Appeal Hearing and Public Inquiry attendance.

Paul Mew is a Law Society registered expert witness. As an extension of this Paul Mew Associates have prepared and presented evidence for legal cases for the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice.  Nick Ferguson is also a Law Society registered expert witness.

Highway Modelling

Highway Modelling


Paul Mew Associates undertake local highway junction capacity modelling.

We provide modelling as standalone projects or as part of more comprehensive Transport Assessment and Transport Statements.

Local highway junction capacity models used by Paul Mew Associates include:

  • TRANSYT 16

  • PICADY (Junctions 10)

  • ARCADY (Junctions 10)

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