Traffic & Parking Surveys

We carry out a significant number of "Lambeth Methodology" parking surveys, parking stress surveys, and traffic surveys using an in-house team of surveyors and survey equipment.

Parking surveys and parking stress surveys are typically carried out to support planning applications or in relation to planning conditions or obligations. We carry out parking surveys and parking stress surveys for any use classes and in relation to all scales of development. On-street parking surveys are usually carried out following the widely regarded "Lambeth Methodology" (Lambeth Council Parking Survey Guidance Note 2012) however other London Borough’s including Merton, Lewisham, Richmond, and Southwark have also developed standalone methodology documents which we follow.

We also carry out other types of traffic surveys including: manual classified counts, junction turn counts, manual speed surveys using radar speed meters, and Automatic Traffic Counter (ATC) surveys to establish vehicle volume, speed and classification.